Jolly Bubbles is a parent initiated entrepreneurship program whose mission is to teach valuable, real world transferable skills to children who are differently-abled. Through this small business model, children learn to do accounting, invoicing, inventory management and web page development while fundraising for medical research.


Jolly Bubbles was formed by a few parents who were looking for meaningful ways to develop entrepreneurship skills for their children. The children are cognitively bright and can type to communicate though challenged in areas of motor and verbal output.  A program that helped them use their cognitive strengths to run a small business was ideal.

Overtime, JollyBubbles has evolved into a program that also works towards spreading awareness about Autism and the medical issues associated with it. 

 JollyBubbles currently has three products - JollyBubbles Soaps ,JollyFrizzies Bath Bombs and JollyGlow Candles.  Our products are all natural, use minimal ingredients and are free of sulfur, synthetic surfactants , parabens and phthalates. 

The business aspects of JollyBubbles are managed by the children in the program. We use this platform to teach accounting, invoicing, building web pages (including developing this web page) and fundraising for a medical cause that is close to them and their families. The products are made by the children and their families including siblings.  Some of the siblings have formed groups with their friends so they can make the products and sell it among their circles. 

All proceeds from JollyBubbles benefit the Brain Foundation - a california based public non-profit. The goal of the Brain Foundation  is to Identify, Support and Catalyze Scientific Research leading to a standard of care based on evidence-based practice using FDA approved therapies to address medical co-morbidities in patients with Autism.



The key players who motivated us to start JollyBubbles.


My name is Aarush Murali. I am 14 years old. I am home schooled and will be going to eighth grade this fall. I like to go out for walks.

My hobbies are listening to music and watching movies. I read a large assortment of books.

I have been non-verbal all my life and communicate through a letter board. Even that got tougher in the last three years as I went through a rough chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  I hope to rise high making the best of life. I help Jollybubbles with invoicing and my mom is one of the founders. 


I am Aarushi. I am a middle schooler and i have a brother with Autism. I volunteer with JollyBubbles because i have experienced the need for medical intervention in Autism firsthand.  I have a brother with Autism. Everything was going as usual and I was enjoying my last year at my elementary school, when my world started to fall apart.   The change that overcame my autistic brother was not sudden, but it seemed at times like it was never going to get better. It was impossible to keep my brother calm. At this point, you could very well look at him and think he had been possessed by a monster. But why did it have to go so bad and last so long? Why do countless families have to deal with ensnaring situation as this? Because all of this is STILL considered to be just what autism is and something, we are supposed to live with. All the obsessions, meltdowns, screams and aggression is considered part of autism.  But it wasn’t.  With the help of doctors and friends who guided us we were able to deduce that what my brother was going through was PANDAS flare, and we successfully provided a lower stress environment and appropriate medical help to my brother. From 6 to 7 meltdowns a day involving screaming and aggression, he has come to a peaceful state where weeks go by without him having a meltdown.  Medical research has a long way to go to help the children with Autism. Medical issues in Autism like constipation, seizure, anxiety, behaviors are to be treated and not ignored.  Autism IS complex and so are comorbidities that exist with it. Don’t you think we owe it to our society to invest in research that will treat these children?  Especially so when rates of autism are as high as 1 in 59 ? We need to give them a fair chance at life, to have a pain free body and calm mind. Myself and my family have pledged to join with Jollybubbles to raise money towards medical research for Autism. With every donation, is another chance that someone else won’t be going through what my brother did.  


Hi ! I am one of your typical high schooler with a grueling workload who loves to eat and just enjoy life. My hobbies include rollerskating, rock climbing, skiing, star gazing, learning new things and of course annoying my parents and my little sister. But, nothing appears typical about me. In fact, i look and act very different than my peers. I have Autism! My sharp mind is full of ideas but my body struggles to implement it.  It is not because Autism is a communicative and social deficit and people with Autism do not want to socialize.  I can actually communicate by typing and people who know me well will tell you that i am funny, full of ideas and love to be around people.  So if you are wondering what is going on inside me... my body is chronically ill...

I have multiple auto immune conditions affecting me, a compromised immune system, allergies, nutritional imbalances and my brain is on fire most of the times. Yet, Autism is regarded as a neurological condition and there is minimal research on the medical issues people with Autism face. Statistics show that I am not an one-off and medical issues in  Autism is very common. 

Our family is one of the founders of JollyBubbles. Through JollyBubbles, I hope to raise awareness by using my cognitive strengths to run the business and raising funds towards medical research for Autism. I maintain the accounting, product inventory and this website for JollyBubbles. 


Hi Everyone! My name is Milind and I am 15 years old. I am in 9th grade. I love outdoors and like to walk and hike with my mom and dad. I also like to watch baking videos and bake muffins. Recently, I am trying to learn kayaking. I am a warriors fan and like to watch the game when they are playing. I joined Jolly Bubbles team because I would like to have a job and earn money just like everyone else.


I am Neha. I am a 5th grader. My brother and a few of his friends have autism.  They are amazingly smart ,very kind and are fun to be around. Sadly, there are a lot of people who refuse to see that. They are normal and fun people just like you and me. They have some problems with speech, anxiety and other small things. Their bodies don’t feel well all the time.

Myself and my friends have joined hands to help raise funds for Autism through JollyBubbles.  We get together and make the products, pack and get them ready for sales.  I really want my brother to feel well and not be in pain.  Every product you buy will help. Also, our products are made from pure ingredients.  Remember, every time you buy our products you are helping a lot of children.


Smart, energetic, mischievous…that’s me, Pratik!  I am a typical teenager, who loves the outdoors, reading, astronomy and playing the piano. I was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I communicate using a letter board, and this has opened up many opportunities to showcase my capabilities. Life with autism is not easy, both for the individual and their families, but that has not stopped me from dreaming big. I love going to school, and enjoy being challenged everyday. My family and I are proud to present JollyBubbles, along with my friends and their families. JollyBubbles not only aims to develop our skills in running a small business, but also to raise funds for autism research though the sale of our products. Thank you for your support!


I am a highschooler with a passion for music. I also love hiking, swimming and anything outdoors. In addition, I like to help other people as much as I can. So, what’s so different about me than a typical teenager? In case you are wondering, I have autism. My brain is full of creative and sophisticated ideas, but my speech is often unreliable and immature. I am consumed by anxiety which affects both my performance and social interactions. My outward appearance is in fact the result of an impaired immune system, antibodies attacking the brain and nervous system and multiple allergies. Yet, there is not enough research into the underlying medical causes of autism.

Jollybubbles has given me an opportunity to use my cognitive strengths to help run a business and contribute towards raising funds efforts, for furthering research on the medical issues in autism. I help with accounting, product inventory and website. I am happy that my buddies and I are doing our bit to support this cause, that affects every moment of our lives. 



Relaxing bath products for the entire family.

JollyBubbles currently has three products. The JollyBubbles soaps ,the JollyFrizzies bath bombs and the Jollyglow candles. We take great care to ensure the ingredients are gentle and are environmental friendly. All our products are free of sulfur, synthetic surfactants, mono propylene glycol parabens and phthalates. 



Made from moisturizing aloe vera soap base and pure essential oils for fragrance JollyBubbles soaps leave your skin soft and your mind refreshed after your bath.  From floral scents like Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to refreshing scents like Lemon Citroen, Eucalyptus Peppermint and Lemongrass Teatree, we have all your preferences covered.



Bring the spa to your home with our super relaxing bath bombs while moisturizing your skin !

If you haven't used a bath bomb before and are wondering what it is ..They are palm-size spheres that fizzle and dissolve in your bath tub unleashing our wonderful essential oils, petals and epsom salt for a relaxing aromotherapy soak. Made of all-natural ingredients and essential oils they are designed to soothe, detox and help you relax.

The JollyFrizzies bath bombs are available in three refreshing fragrances - Rose, Jasmine and Lemongrass. 



Introducing JollyGlow candles, for a soothing and luxurious experience! JollyGlow candles are made with ecofriendly soy wax (which burns cleaner than paraffin wax), and phthalate-free fragrances to tantalize your senses. Available in three delightful floral fragrances:  vanilla, rose and honeysuckle-jasmine. Perfect for year round enjoyment!

Caution: Keep away from flammable objects, children and pets.

Would you like to support our efforts?  To order our products please click the link below to get in touch with us. We currently deliver to San Francisco Bay Area addresses only. We hope to expand our shipping across US in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Isn't Autism a Neurological Condition with Communication and Social Deficits ?  Why do we need medical research? Just  because.. body and mind aren't different. They are interconnected.  A sick body means a compromised mind. Simple as that ! 

Some Published Facts about Autism

Today, 1 in 59 children, including 1 in 37 boys, is diagnosed with autism in the US, and larger numbers have speech and language impairments, learning difficulties, and so on. 

Here are some less known facts about Autism

  • A huge percentage of children with Autism are chronically ill and have compromised immune systems.

  • Children with autism are nearly eight times more likely to suffer from one or more chronic gastrointestinal disorders than their normal peers.                                                                                                                    

  • More than half of children with autism have one or more chronic sleep problems.                                    

  • Anxiety disorders affect an estimated 11 to 40 percent of children and teens on the autism spectrum.

  • Depression affects an estimated 7% of children and 26% of adults with autism.                                         

  • As many as one-third of people with autism have epilepsy (seizure disorder).                                           

  • Autism related health problems extend across the life span – from young children to senior citizens.   

Yet, there are only two FDA approved treatments for autism! All these co-morbid conditions significantly affect the quality of life of people with autism. Since many of them are unable to communicate effectively or self-advocate, and clinician awareness about the presence of these co-occurring conditions is low, these conditions often remain undiagnosed and untreated.

At JollyBubbles, we hope to raise awareness and fund raise for our medical cause.